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Maxx Beverages, the home-grown beverages company of Maharashtra, was founded on 26th January 1998.

In a short period, we have grown into one of the largest beverage businesses in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Rajasthan. Our products are enjoyed by consumers across and around the territories of this glorious country, with highest sales cropping in the state of Gujarat.

Maxx Beverages as a brand, is in the phase of launching a line of beverage products with a refreshing and tantalising positioning that will suit the taste appetite of the country. We have been guided by the goal to establish our self into a powerful brand through sustainable growth, providing quality beverages with a foothold throughout the country and beyond.

The spirit of our brand is finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our operating costs; providing a safe and inclusive workplace for our employees nationally; and respecting, supporting and investing in the local communities where we operate.







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As one of the fastest growing beverage companies in the country, our mission is to provide consumers around the nation with delicious, affordable, convenient beverages that provide the customers a sensation of refreshing delight when consumed independently as well as when consumed along with different cuisines of food, as an integral part of it. We are investing in our people, our company and the communities where we operate to help position the company for long-term, sustainable growth.


At Maxx Beverages, we're committed to achieving business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on our customers and our audience by gradually becoming synonymous with the idea of a beverage which provides the consumer undebatable delight. We believe that delivering delight for our consumers and customers, protecting the environment, sourcing with integrity and investing in our employees are not simply good things to do, but that these actions fuel our returns and position Maxx Beverages for growth.

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